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About IIKA

Kinesiology training

The International Institute of Kinesiology Australia an internationally accredited ICPKP boutique college in Sydney offering comprehensive professional kinesiology training as a career pathway for people of all ages and backgrounds.
IIKA delivers nationally and internationally accredited kinesiology training programs with limited class sizes and close individual supervision of each student to ensure easy and fast learning of their kinesiology studies.
We provide you with a rewarding career in Specialised Kinesiology, Kinesiopractic®, Energy Psychology and Integrative Holistic Health and a brand new flexible training pathway with the option to complete 2 accredited qualifiications. Our next practitioner intake starts on 14/15 January 2018 and enrolments are now open. There is a huge shortage of Professional Kinesiology Practitioners who offer preventative health care and holistic, non-invasive treatment options to our community.
You will find our professional kinesiology training programs stimulating, inspirational & rewarding in many ways. We support and mentor our graduates in their transition from student to practitioner and some of our graduates continue their career pathway and become accredited mentors, clinical supervsiors and Touch For Health / ICPKP Trainers themselves.
Kinesiology Training SydneyIIKA is committed to providing students with high quality and in-depth kinesiology education and specialised skills, which empower each student to express their full potential in a supportive, multicultural and fun-filled environment.
An important aspect of the kinesiology training is the personal growth and development of the student. Each individual has an innate ability to change and evolve on their journey through life and a right for creative self-expression. Kinesiology is a powerful catalyst for behavioural change, transformation, healing and growth as is depicted in the symbol of the hand in the Touch For Health and ICPKP logo which represents learning, growing and embracing life.
We train competent, confident and highly skilled Kinesiology Practitioners and Touch For Health Graduates/Instructors, who share our vision of empowering themselves and their clients to enjoy improved quality of life and interpersonal relationships.