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ICPKP kinesiology has proven to be the most effective modality to help with acute and chronic lower back pain.  
Dr. Susan Eardley (MA in Education, MSc in medical statistics & epidemiology) from the British Kinesiology Centre in the UK is the first ICPKP Senior Faculty Member to earn a PhD at Southampton University, UK with research on Low Back pain. Susan's PhD was in the management of chronic lower back pain using the unique PKP protocol developed by Dr Dewe (ICPKP International). Yes, it worked! The study demonstrated greater lasting benefits than other CAM therapies (complementary alternative therapies) including acupuncture, chiropractic, massage and physiotherapy. The PKP balancing process is addressing the underlying causal issues of the back problem and restores proper proprioceptive function to the musculo-skeletal system, the central nervous system and the meridian (energy) system. It also release unresolved emotional issues that can cause lower back pain.
To view Sue's interview live please click on the video links "PKP Conference" and "The Future of PKP".


Adrenal Fatigue - The 21st Century Stress Syndrome - by Katha Jones

Adrenal fatigue (AF) affects an estimated 80% of people living in the industrialised countries, yet this debilitating health problem has been largely ignored by the medical community. The lack of optimal adrenal performance is often associated with the effects of longterm stress on the endocrine system of the human body. If you have been feeling chronically tired, lacking energy and motivation or feeling depressed you might be suffering from AF.


Putting Some Muscle Into Health (Conscious Living Magazine: Issue 78/2008) - by Katha Jones

Kinesiology - Immune Mismatch Responses and Sensitivities - by Danny Liddell
The Itch That Cannot Be Scratched - by Brian Knight