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Kinesiology Training


Course Authors of the International Kinesiology Program

Dr. Bruce Dewe, MD, NZRK, NZCNMP, MATMS, MICAK, is an international lecturer who has been a Medical Doctor for over 30 years. He was first exposed to Applied Kinesiology through a chiropractor in Camarillo, California in 1977. Bruce became a Touch For Health Instructor in 1977 and a member of the International College of Applied Kinesiology in 1981. That same year he was appointed the South Pacific Faculty member for the Touch For Health Foundation.
Bruce introduced a series of advanced skills workshops which, through time, evolved into the four PKP workshops and finally the PKP Certification Program. Bruce became chairman of the TFH International Faculty and in this role was instrumental in setting up the International Kinesiology College, Zuerich of which he was the first President.
As Dean of Professional Studies for the IKC, he saw the need for a worldwide professional syllabus, so he devoted time to getting kinesiology on the Educational Framework (administered by the NZ Qualifications Authority) and the subsequent registration of a National Diploma in Kinesiology in New Zealand. Bruce has been interested in complementary medicine both professionally and personally. He developed an auto-immune disease as a medical student and has found assistance from both allopathic and complementary medicine.
Bruce has been a family doctor, has taught anatomy at the Auckland medical school and has been part-time superintendent of a small country hospital before specializing in Kinesiology. Bruce has the ability to put difficult concepts into simple, easily assimilated modules. This, with his entertaining style of presentation, has created a worldwide demand for his workshops, which are taught in twenty countries and translated into six languages.


Is a Chartered Natural Medicine Practitioner who specializes in Kinesiology at her clinic in Auckland. Like Bruce, she was first exposed to Applied Kinesiology in 1977. She became a Touch For Health Instructor in 1980 and joined the TFH Foundation Faculty in 1982. Joan was the senior instructor for Three-in-One Concepts in the South Pacific for a number of years.
She helped Bruce develop the Professional Kinesiology Practice workshops. Joan was instrumental in setting up the NZ Touch For Health Annual Meeting in 1982, and chaired the Annual Meeting Committee for many years. She participated in the development of the NZ TFH Association and Kinesiology Practitioners' Accreditation Board.
Initially trained as a high school teacher, Joan worked in a medical research institute where she developed skills, which have been invaluable to her since she followed her husband into complementary medicine. In the business world, Joan has developed a successful motel resort and a GNLD network marketing business. Joan has a ready wit and an infectious laugh. These qualities, together with the ability to summarize information into clear stepwise presentations make her a popular teacher throughout Australia, Nez Zealand, USA and Europe.
Joan and Bruce have two daughters, four grandchildren and live in their waterfront apartment in Auckland, New Zealand.