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International Certificate 4 Wellness & Vitality

BKP 101: Energisers and Self Testing:  TBA

This first module is all about teaching students how to take care of themselves and using a variety of energy balancing techniques to increase their energy and chi naturally.

You will be learning about the power of neuro-emotional points that reduce emotional stress and overwhelm very quickly. They also increase your ability to handle stress and help you deal with deadlines. Neuro-lyphatic reflexes are powerful detoxification points that stimualteb your lymphatic system. The less toxins are in your body, the more energy you will have for the things you love doing.


E.S.R (Emotional  Stress Release Technique) is the most powerful technique enabling you to release unrelsoved stress form the past, deal with curretn overwhelm or difficult situation feeling more in control and you can even "program' yourself for a specific event (e.g. interview, exam, confrontation or sports competition) in the future. The results are just amazing...and really easy to apply anywhere...anytime...


BKP 102: The Art of Muscle Testing         TBA


This unit introduces muscle testing which is a fascinating biofeedback system enabling you to identify a person's current state of health or lack of health. The muscle test reflects the energy balance or imbalance of the associated organ and meridian. By restoring harmony to the function of the muscle we also restore improved blood flow to the organ and more chi to the meridian. This is a fun unit.


BKP 103: Introduction to the 5 Element Theory   TBA


An introduction of Chinese philosophies to balance the energy system using colour, sound and the Five Element emotions are the theme of this unit.You will also learn how to correct and confirm the changes of a Five Element balance and using food to strengthen specific muscles, meridians and organs.


BKP 104: Kinesiology Principles    TBA


Using the direction of energy flow the students learn how to balance the meridians and their related muslces and organs. Students also learn basic anatomical structures and the concept of electrical surrogation.


BKP 105: Five Element Theory and 14 Muscles in Depth     TBA


Learning the Five Element principles in depth and working with the full chart of emotions takes students to a whole new level of knowledge . An extra 14 muscle tests gives you greater variety of ways to balance the client. You will learn the priority correction that will upgrade the entire meridian system really quickly. This saves time and is easy to learn.


BKP 106: Professional Balancing Protocol with PKP Database TBA

Investment:          $ 4,850


includes all 12 days of training & 6 comprehensive workshop manuals & 6 assessment journals

24/7 access to online learning aids

additional learning aids & current reference materials

email & phone support

ongoing supervision & supervised student clinic

morning/afternoon tea