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International Certificate in Basic Selfcare (BKP 101):

weekend module: TBA

Enrolments are now open (limited class size):

AKA / AIK/ IICT accredited (30 hours)- CPEs

Investment: $ 565

Buddy discount: enrol with a friend, partner, colleague and save $ 25 each (only $ 540)



BKP 101: Energisers and Self Testing:

Are you curious about your different energy systems and learning about the importance of the muscle/organ/meridian matrix? Are you keen to increase your chi and vitalty naturally? Have you ever experienced a "Neurovascular Cycle" that leaves you totally relaxed & chilled out, more energised and even takes 5-7 years off your face? People might think that you had some botox - but these techniques are all natural and easy to learn.

Come along with a friend and learn the Art & Science of Energy Balancing in a fun environment.

This course introduces you to the fscinating world of Kinesiology & Balncing Your Own Energy Systems.


What You Will Learn in this course:

- Definitions of Kinesiology & Allopathy

- Meridians Tracing / Energy Pathways for Our Chi

- Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexes: detoxifying your lymphatic system

- Neuro-Emotional Reflexes: increase your Stress Tolerance with these "Magic Points"- your

  ability to handle stress will improve dramatically

- Neuro-Vascular Reflexes: increase the blood supply to every organ of your body - this process

  will reverse the signs of stress and premature ageing in 20 minutes!!

- Whole Body Testing

- Emotional Stress Release Technique (ESR) - this technique alone is worth the entire course fee

- Walking Gait Reflexes: do your feet ache during or at the end of your day? Too tired to go out

  dancing after a long day at work? Masaeg your gait reflexes and boost your energy. They

  restore balacne to all msucles used during walking and have an energising effect on your body. 

- Brain Integartion technique for improved mental & physical performance

- Goal Setting

- Time of Day Balance


This course has the potential to change your life in many ways. It will help you take better care of your healty and wellbeing and save you money you might be spending on chiropractic, massage, beauty or Reiki treatments. Invest 2 days to learn and experience your energy systems! It will change the rhythm and quality of your life forever!


Bookings: (02) 4648 0505 or email

Investment: $ 565 (includes comprehensive manual, access to 24/7 learning aids, International Certificate)