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Become an accredited Professional Kinesiologist in 12 months. The International Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice provides the launching pad for your career as a PKP Kinesiology Practitioner. Graduates are able to register as a level 4 kinesiology practitioner with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) and the International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT). Study under the close guidance of Katha Jones, an experienced PKP practitioner and Senior Faculty/ Senior Trainer to gain the diverse skill set to open your own successful kinesiology practice.


Module description:

BKP 101: Energisers and  Self Care Techniques                13/14 July 2019

BKP 102:Proficient Manual Muscle Testing                         3/4 August 2019

BKP 103: Introduction to the Law of 5-Elements              28/29 September

BKP 104: The Body's Superficial Energy Connections        19/20 October

BKP 105: The Law of 5-Elements in  depth                        2/3 November

BKP 106: Professional Skills, PKP Balancing Protocol     23/24 November 

               using the unique fingermoding system

BKP 107: Pain Reduction Techniques                              14/15 December

BKP 108: Balancing with Food/History of Kinesiology    18/19 January 20

BKP 109: Advanced muscle techniques, clearing muscle  8/9 February 20

               reactivity for better posture & pain management  

BKP 110: Using Client Health Records & Legals       29 Feb/1 March 2020

EMS 201: Mastery of Emotional Stress Release             14/15 March 2020

RBT 201 Clinical Body Contact & Palpation                     4/5 April 2020


Final practical & oral assessments: Saturday 25 April 2020: 9.30 am - 2 pm