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International Certificate in Basic Selfcare (BKP 101):

intake 2020: TBA

AKA / AIK/ IICT accredited (30 hours)- CPEs

Investment: $ 597 (GST incl)

Early bird: $ 550 (due 1 month prior to course) - save $ 47

Buddy discount: enrol with a friend, partner, colleague and save $ 47 each (only $ 550


BKP 101: Energiser Techniques and Self Testing:

Are you curious about your different energy systems and learning about the importance of the muscle/organ/meridian matrix? Are you keen to increase your chi and vitality naturally? Have you ever experienced a "Neurovascular Cycle" that leaves you totally relaxed & chilled out, more energised and even takes 5-7 years off your face? People might think that you had some botox - but these techniques are all natural and easy to learn.

Come along with a friend and learn the Art & Science of Energy Balancing in a fun environment.

This course introduces you to the fascinating world of Kinesiology & Balancing Your Own Energy Systems.


What You Will Learn in this course:

- Definitions of Kinesiology & Allopathy

- Meridian Tracing/Energy Pathways to increase your energy (chi)

- Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexes: detoxifying your lymphatic system

- Neuro-Emotional Reflexes: increase your Stress Tolerance with these "Magic Points"- your

  ability to handle stress will improve dramatically

- Neuro-Vascular Reflexes: increase the blood supply to every organ of your body - this process

  will reverse the signs of stress and premature ageing in 20 minutes!!

- Whole Body Testing

- Emotional Stress Release Technique (ESR) - this technique alone is worth the entire course fee

- Walking Gait Reflexes: do your feet ache during or at the end of your day? Too tired to go out

  dancing after a long day at work? Massage your gait reflexes and boost your energy. They

  restore balance to all muscles used during walking and have an energising effect on your body. 

- Brain Integration technique for improved mental & physical performance

- Brain integration technique to overcome dyslexic tendencies & help with concentration, memory recall

- Effective Goal Setting

- Time of Day Balance to improve your energy & overcome jet lag


This course has the potential to change your life in many ways. It will help you take better care of your health and well-being and save you money you might be spending on chiropractic, massage, beauty or Reiki treatments. Invest 2 days to learn and experience your energy systems! It will change the rhythm and quality of your life forever!


Bookings: (02) 4648 0505 or email

Investment: $ 590 (includes comprehensive manual, access to 24/7 learning aids, International Certificate)