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Kinesiology Training

International Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP):

intake 13/14 July 2019

This exclusive practitioner training is the foundation course to become an accredited PKP Kinesiology Practitioner in 10-12 months. It is a prestigious, portable qualification and the comprehensive, in-depth international syllabus has been taught in 40 countries around the world for 40 years! Written by Dr Bruce Dewe,, a medical doctor and pioneer in Specialised Kinesiology, and his wife Joan Dewe, the ICPKP trademark stands for gold standard professional training and proven techniques that deliver fast and lasting changes.  It is also the pre-requisite for the national Diploma in Kinesiology and delivers 360 hours of accredited  kinesiology training, 160 hours of anatomy and physiology, professional communication and conflict resolution skills, clinical practice management and supervised student clinic. The course is delivered over 12 weekends from May 2019 - February 2020 and follows a sequential and in depth syllabus. We provide you with a dynamic and supportive class environment and you will engage in plenty of practical class activities and study under the close supervision of your Trainer/Clinical Supervisor. Frequent group discussions and ongoing feedback ensure your fast learning progress of this amazing mind/body medicine modality.

Course dates and times:

BKP 101: 13/14 July 2019   9 am - 6 pm

BKP 102: 3/4  August 2019

BKP 103: 28/29 September 2019

BKP 104: 19/20 October  2019

BKP 105: 2/3 November 2019

BKP 106: 23/24 November 2019

BKP 107: 14/15 December  2019

BKP 108: 18/19 January 2020

BKP 109: 8/9 February  2020

BKP 110: 29 Feb/ 1 March 2020

EMS 201: 14/15 March 2020

RBT 201: 4/5 April 2020

Correspondence modules (home study):

Anatomy & Physiology 1

Clinical Practice Management 1

Establish Client Relationships

Other competencies:

Supervised student clinic (50 hours)

Senior First Aid Certificate (not included in course fee)

Working With Children Certificate (police check)


Touch For Health / Kinesiology Certificate (level 1-4)

The Touch For Health Synthesis has been developed by American chiropractor Dr John Thie in the 1970s. His revolutionary global vision to empower each individual to take more responsibility for their emotional/mental, physical and nutritional wellbeing has resulted in TFH being taught to over 10 million people worldwide, in over 100 countries and the syllabus has been translated in 26 languages.
His concept of Wellness integrates the holistic worldview of the East using the Chinese acupuncture system, as well as the vitalistic tradition in the West as espoused in the original concepts of naturopathy and modern chiropractic.
This course focuses on simple, yet powerful energy balancing techniques affecting the muscular-skeletal system as well as the energy (meridian) system of the human body.
Remembering Wellness through the TFH approach involves an alternative paradigm of health and wholeness. Each person has the innate capacity to heal and return to a state of optimum wellness experiencing vitality and zest for life.
This course is for lay people and health care providers who are interested in Applied Kinesiology, Chinese acupuncture/Meridians, Energy Medicine and personal self-development. This course is a great way to learn powerful techniques to help you manage your stress, increase your energy naturally and reduce pain by balancing the interface between muscles, organs and meridians. Many TFH graduates continued their studies at IIKA to become fully accredited Kinesiology Practitioners in 12-16 months. You can join the May intake for the Professional Kinesiology Practitioner course and receive RPL for the TFH competencies.

Sabotage Clearing & Goal Enhancement Workshop: TBA

$695 (includes comprehensive manual): deposit: $ 200 (non-refundable) - balance $ 495 due TCB
(CPEs: 16 accredited AKA/AIK hours)
Sabotage programs are the commands which have been caught up in our subconscious mind from our earliest years and more or less govern our life. They are recurring patterns of mishap, whether physical, emotional, nutritional or other. They are rogue programs, glitches in the computer, more powerful than the person's desire for health, happiness and success.
The subconscious mind could be seen as a dutiful servant who has attended to our affairs while we were absent. It has faithfully recorded all of our judgements and relays to us new coordinates for our journeying based on these judgements.
Learn muscle testing to clear limiting sabotage programs from your subconscious mind so you can enjoy the opportunities life has to offer.
  • Have you been feeling stuck for a while?
  • Are you unable to achieve your professional or personal goals?
  • Do you find it challenging to move forward and grow on your journey of self exploration?
If these feelings sound familiar, take action now and join us for a powerful weekend of clearing out old ways of thinking and outdated ways of living.
This weekend will help you to unleash your true potential and feel empowered in many ways.