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Private Consultation

What Happens in a Private Consultation?

After taking a full case history and identifying the reason for the visit, the practitioner uses gentle muscle monitoring as a biofeedback system to identify energy imbalances in the meridian system. This can affect all areas of a person's life on a mental/emotional, physical and nutritional level.

Discover and Treat the Cause - Not The Effect

These energy blockages may express themselves through poor mental and physical performance, anxiety and depression, acute and chronic pain (e.g. headaches and back pain), digestive disturbances, allergies, insomnia and learning problems to name a few. Kinesiology is unique in that it treats the whole person, not the symptoms.

Your Body is Talking to You

When the body is under stress, as a part of the natural survival systems, it will block a degree of energy flow in certain parts of the body. The practitioner identifies these blockages through muscle monitoring and establishes the body's best neurological priority correction to balance the entire nervous system to achieve integrated function and resolutions to the issue.
Although a standard procedure is followed, each treatment is unique with regard to the activation of specific acupressure points, neuro-emotional reflexes, neuro-lymphatic massage points, neuro-vascular holding points and/or meridian tracing, sabotage clearing and other advanced proprioceptive reset techniques. Katha has 25 years of clinical experience and brings a diverse skill set to her sessions resulting in immediate powerful changes.

After A Kinesiology - Kinesiopractic - Coaching Session You May Experience:
  • Faster recuperation from injuries, illness and traumas
  • Reduction and relief from acute and chronic pain
  • Improved proprioceptive function of the central nervous system resulting in better coordination of bones, muscles, ligaments, joints & gait patterns
  • Improved immunity and freedom from immune mismatch reactions to food, substances, environment
  • Improved circulation of oxygen to all tissues / organs & meridian energy looking much younger & more radiant
  • Improved digestion (pH), increased metabolic function of all stages of digestion
  • Better quality of rejuvenating sleep & REM cycles  
  • Increased life energy and vitality
  • Deeper introspection and self awareness
  • Recognition of new options and better choices
  • Improved ability in rational, constructive thinking, problem solving
  • Renewed levels of creativity & creative expression
  • Improved ability to manage stress and cope with life's constant challenges and changes
  • Better mental and physical performance through optimum front/back & left/right  brain integration
  • Improved sense of direction and purpose in life
  • Faster realisation of personal and professional goals
  • Increased levels of personal engagement, motivation & happiness & radiance
  • Improved social and emotional intelligence in every area of life
  • Clearing Adverse Childhood Experiences caused by generational trauma (ACEs)
  • Releasing and healing post- traumatic stress from the cellular (molecular) memory

How Many Balances Will I Need?

Depending on the severity and acuteness of the presenting issue/symptoms a number of sessions may be required to assist the central nervous system to function harmoniously. As each person has a unique and individual response to the healing process, the number of sessions needed varies.
As we endeavour to stimulate your body's own innate healing capacity the frequency and number of follow-up sessions are identified through muscle testing.
Schedule of Fees - effective as of 1 October 2019
$ 350
Initial consultation - 1 hour 45 minutes 
$ 250
Follow up consultation - 60 minutes
$ 125
Follow up consultation - 30 minutes
$ 770 Invest in your health & mental/emotional well-being with our Wellness Package:
3 sessions (1 x 1.45 mins + 2 x 1hour) Save $80-valid 6 months
Payment by cash only.
Nutritional supplements, tissue salts, vibrational remedies & essences are not included in the consultation fee,  if they are required for home support.

Availability: Wednesdays only from 8 July 2020

8 July  - 5 August - 2 September - 7 October - 4 November - 2 December 2020

Health Fund Rebate:

As of 1 April 2019, the Australian government has abolished all health fund rebates for 19 different Natural Therapies, including kinesiology, naturopathy, homeopathy and many more. Dr Keryn Phelps is currently negotiating with Health Minister, Greg Hunt, to reinstall the health fund rebates for these effective alternative treatment modalities.

"Having studied some kinesiology and worked with various practitioners who use kinesiology in all of its evolutions since the early '80s, I've remained convinced of its power as a modality, but not always found the consistent results I was looking for. Katha's depth and breadth of knowledge, her skill, and her attention to detail make her one of the most professional health practitioners I have ever worked with. Whether we are addressing acute symptoms or identifying my 'next step' in terms of regaining optimal health, each session moves me closer to resolving some long term health challenges. I'm extremely grateful for Katha's holistic, balanced approach which has provided solutions that go far beyond any I've been offered in the allopathic model... and I have no hesitation in referring my clients to her."                                                                           JM, Counsellour
Katha Jones: Professional Credentials / Professional Associations
Katha Jones Principal
  • Certified Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach, International Institute of Social & Emotional Intelligence (IIEI), Colorado, USA, Dr Belsten, 
  • International Advanced Diploma of Kinesiopractic
  • International Graduate Diploma of Kinesiopractic┬«
  • Diploma in Energy Psychology (ICPKP)
  • Registered Touch For Health Instructor/Competency Assessor (IKC)
  • Instructor/Assessor: Sabotage Clearing & Goal Enhancement,  Workshop (Malcolm & Sue Chaffer), Coming Home Series, 2001
  • Bach Flower Practitioner (BFRP), Dr Bach Centre, UK, 2000
  • Accredited Complementary Health Care Practitioner with IVF Australia, Sydney (2009)
  • Fellow of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)
  • Professional Member Australian Traditional Medicine Society (6420), since 1998
  • Professional Member Touch For Health Instructor Association Australia, since 2002


      National & International Qualifications:

  • International Certificate of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP: 500 hours)
  • Diploma of Kinesiology (HLT51507): 963 hours
  • International Diploma of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP: 2,142 hours)
  • International Advanced Diploma of Kinesiopractic┬«
  • International Graduate Diploma of Kinesiopractic┬« (ICPKP: 4,500 hours)
  • Neural-Organisation Technique (N.O.T) - Dr. Carl Ferreri (DC, DO), 40 hours
  • Diploma of Energy Psychology (ICPKP)
  • Adv. Diploma in Nutritional Medicine
  • N A E T Technique (Dr. Nambudripad): level 1 + 2 (Advanced) (2007 & 2008)
  • Councelling Kinesiology (CK) & Trauma Release & Posttraumatic Shock Disorder (2003)
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Coach (CBT)
  • Diploma in Remedial Massage & Sports Therapies (1995, 1997), Nature Care College, Sydney
  • Health/ Wellness & Life Coach
  • Metamorphic Technique (Gaston Saint-Pierre), 2015
  • Honorary Lifetime Member Bristol's Who Is Who
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (1998)
  • Silva Mind Programme Graduate, Jose Silva (Vienna, Austria,1992)
  • IARPP: International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy conference: May 2017, "From The Margins to the Centre" (Dr Marina Amore)
Click here to download the Confidential Client Questionnaire.
Please bring filled out form for your first consultation.
Cancellation Policy
If you wish to change or cancel your scheduled appointment, please give at least 48 hours notice. To provide you with the best service in each session, I only book a certain number of clients each day. Kinesiopractic ┬« Care / Specialised Kinesiology / Energy Medicine / Energy Psychology is a unique complex, multidimensional process that requires 100% presence and awareness of the practitioner.  If you miss your scheduled appointment or fail to give at least 48 hours notice,  a cancellation fee of $ 200 is to be paid within 48 hours unless we can allocate your session time to a client on the waiting list on the same day. Please note that cancellations are only accepted by  SMS or phone call to my mobile 0438 256 738 during business hours from Monday - Friday 9.00 am - 6.00 pm. Please note that we DO NOT send out appointment reminder messages. Thank you for your understanding & kind cooperation.
OHS Regulations & COVID-19 Corona Virus infection control protocol:
According to occupational health and safety regulations we are unable to treat clients who present with a cold, cough, chest infection or any other flu type symptoms.
I have completed the compulsory COVID-19 infection control Certificate on 17 March 2020
Due to COVID-19 and reducing the risk of infection for myself and other clients who attend the "My Wellness Studio" from 8 July 2020, you will be asked to sign a health check form before we start your kinesiology balance. You are confirming that you have not been affected by questions 1-2-3-4:
1. Have you returned from travel overseas, interstate or a NSW hot spot within the last 14 days?
2. Have you had close contact with or cared for someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days?
3. Have you been in close contact with anyone who has been traveling within the last 14 days?
4. Have you experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days (including fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, difficulty breathing, extreme fatigue or loss of smell or taste?)
If you have answered YES to any of these questions, please reschedule your appointment until either your symptoms have resolved or the 14 days incubation period is over. Thank you for your kind cooperation during this difficult time.

Online Consultations:
I am available for online sessions via Zoom.. Please email or SMS my mobile 0438 256 738 to  make an appointment. Thank you.