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The Touch For Health /Kinesiology study pathway gives you more flexibility to learn kinesiology at a slower pace.

Here is an overview of the accredited TFH courses we are offering:


1. Touch For Health/Kinesiology Synthesis Certificate (TFH 1-TFH 4)

4 x weekends from 9 am - 6 pm: 64 accredited hours with the Australian Kinesiology Association, Australian Institute of Kinesiologists, International Institute of Complementary Therapies

2. Touch For Health Practical Exercises ("Pink Workbook")

This home study module is included in the TFH Synthesis Certificate and is accredited for 60 kinesiology hours you can use towards practitioner registration. It is a pre-requisite for the TFH Proficiency course and the TFH Teachers Training.

3. Touch For Health Proficiency Training

After completion of the TFH Synthesis Certificate and the home study module TFH Practical Exercises, you are eligible to enrol in the  this two day course. We are reviewing all TFH 1-4 techniques on day one and there is sufficient time for practical revision under the supervision of your trainer. On day you will sit a 45 minute open- book assessment (multiple choice) and also balance a "client" of your choice  for 90 minutes. This completes the TFH Proficiency assessment and you have competed a further 16 accredited kinesiology hours towards your practitioner and/or TFH Instructor registration.

4. Touch For Health Teachers / Instructor Training (8 days)

Are you passionate about sharing truly life changing kinesiology skills and self help techniques with students, clients and your local/international community? This accredited 8 day course prepares you to become an internationally accredited TFH Instructor with the International Kinesiology College (IKC) and you will also be registered with the Touch For Health Instructor Association Australia (TFHIAA). This is a prestigious portable teaching qualification and also enables you to teach the shorter "community workshops" such as :

Kinesiology For Kids ( 3 hours) - Kinesiology For Pets (3 hours) - Eat Right - Live Right (3 hours) - Perceptive Vision (3 hours)

5. Touch For Health Metaphor Workshop

This two day workshop introduces you to the art of balancing your clients with powerful TFH Metaphors. Metaphor refers to the paradigm, or main concept, but also the symbolic meaning of our experiences and challenges. TFH has been a fundamental modality and source of concepts in Energy Kinesiology, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology for over 45 years. TFH draws from Chiropractic (Posture/Functional Neurology Balancing), Traditional Chinese Medicine (Energy Balancing) and Positive/Person Centered Psychology (Active Listening/Goal-Setting, Metaphors for Muscles, Meridians, Five Elements).

The TFH Metaphor is not "fixing problems', but developing a multifaceted self empowering Mind/Body Awareness on many levels. Muscle/Energy Balancing, Stress Release, Pain Relief and optimising meaning, satisfaction and greater enjoyment in life are the result of this powerful, yet gentle work.


The TFH Self-responsibility Model:

returns the authority to the individual empowering them not only with simple self-health tools, but keeping the person at the center of their own process, facilitating and accompanying their authentic  healing journey. TFH integrates simple ideas and techniques from the east and west, to achieve a holistic awareness and balance of mind, emotion, posture and energy. Metaphors of Muscles/Meridians/Elements inspire illumination and amplify energy balancing.