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Become an internationally accredited Touch For Health Instructor in 2019 and teach the 8 day Touch For Health / Kinesiology Certificate (64 hours) to new students from all ages and backgrounds.
The TFH Teachers Training is a great way to share powerful energy balancing and kinesiology self help techniques to people who are interested in taking more responsibility for their mental, emotional and physical wellness regime. After successful completion of the Touch For Health Synthesis Certificate (level 1-4), the TFH Practical Exercises ("pink workbook") and the TFH Proficiency course (2 days) you are eligible to enroll in this life changing eight day Teachers Training. This is a prestigious international and portable license to teach the 4 levels of the Touch For Health Certificate (64 hours) to people from all walks of life, interested health care professionals, nurses, doctors, counsellors and your clients.


The Touch For Health Teachers Training includes:
- 8 days of fun and relaxing learning
- practical teaching modules
- marketing classes in your community
- understanding your students' learning styles
- understanding your own teaching style
- problem solving and conflict resolution
- effectively managing your time in class
- networking and marketing tips
- the administration process
- promoting community awareness of kinesiology
- learning to give powerful public presentations
- interactive group discussions wit your colleagues
- accelerated learning
- 64 accredited hours for Continuing Professional Education (CPEs) and credit towards TFH Consultant
- option to become a registered TFH Instructor enabling you to teach your own TFH classes (please note   
  that there is an additional $ 65  registration fee to be paid)


Class times: 9 am - 5.00 pm
Investment: $ 3,400 (deposit: $ 500-non-refundable), to secure your place
                                  balance $ 2,900 due at least 1 month prior to the start of the course


Please note that after each course day, there is an additional 1,5 - 2 hour preparation time at home to prepare yourself for the next training day (e.g. your presentations).


Course dates 2019: