Balancing the "Functional Neurology"

the intricate interface between muscles - organs -endocrine glands - meridians

An experienced  Kinesiopractor is a highly specialised Master Practitioner who has completed extensive training  over five years and is an expert in biofeedback muscle testing using more than 100 specialised muscle tests and highly advanced balancing techniques from Applied Kinesiology (Chiropractic) without invasive adjustments), Specialised Kinesiolopy,  Energy Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, and nutrition. The International Postgraduate Diploma in Kinesiopractic is the highest qualification in the field of Specialised Kinesiology and enables the practitioner to offer highly advanced treatment protocols for a whole range of physical, psychological and biochemical health problems, injuries that won't heal and profound transformational change.

In a Kinesiopractic balancing session we set a positive goal statement which is about changing the environment or context in which the problem currently exists. If we change the context, the illness, dis-ease or stressful emotional state has no place to exist an therefore has to change or subside. This unique multidimensional balancing process improves the flow of information and available data throughout the body/mind/spirit and the client can now consciously choose healthier and self empowering thought patterns, belief systems and life enhancing attitudes.

The role of a Kinesiopractor is to facilitate this complex healing process and assist the client to access and utilise their subjective resources.  Each of us is a walking library of information, a collection of our unique life experiences (positive and negative), thoughts, impressions, built up through a lifetime of genetic and social experiences.


Acute and chronic pain management and injury rehabilitation

With an estimated 11 million Australians abusing prescription opioid medications, effective pain management and injury rehabilitation is extremely important. Australians regularly use codeine-containing medication to treat coughs or reduce intermittent pain such as from headaches, migraines,period pain and musculoskeletal pain, and many also misuse the drug to self-treat chronic pain. Twenty percent of Australians are estimated to suffer from chronic pain syndrome and become heavily addicted to opioid analgesics, not just codeine but its more potent relations such as oxycodone and fentanyl.

A Kinesiopractor is trained in more than 100 specialised muscle tests, specific injury assessments and effective rehabilitation balancing protocols for all major body areas (head, neck, whiplash injuries and lower back injuries temporo-mandibular jaw dysfunction, hips, shoulder, elbow, wrists (RSI). When we use these proven muscle balancing protocols we restore optimum function to the agonist, antagonist and all synergistic muscles involved in the movements that cause pain, tension or restricted range of movement. In many cases there is also an underlying "muscle reactivity" in the functional circuits of these muscles and once the over-energy of the "reactor" muscle has been sedated via the acupuncture system, the remaining hypotonic (weak) muscles regain their normal strength and optimum contraction potential. This process is truly unique to Specialised Kinesiology / Kinesiopractic and many clients have recovered successfully from long standing injuries in a few sessions no other modality could resolve. The client is also given simple, yet powerful self help techniques such as rubbing their "gait reflex" points daily, activating the neurolymphatic points for specific muscles and nutritional support to reduce the inflammation in the muscle tissue, joints and ligaments. This multi-dimensional approach ensures a speedy recovery. Many of my clients avoided expensive and invasive hip replacement or shoulder reconstruction surgeries and are convinced that these treatment protocols do work!


Energy Psychology (EP)

Energy Psychology focuses on the body's energy systems as they relate to emotions, behaviours, sounds, colours, endocrine glands and psychological/mental health. It is based on the the understanding that every distressing memory or trauma, upsetting emotion or limiting thought is associated with with a corresponding disturbance in our subtle energy system. These energy systems include the electromagnetic activity of the central nervous system, acupuncture meridians, chakras and bio-energetic fields (aura). EP facilitates the healthy processing of dysfunctional, outdated beliefs, unresolved suppressed toxic emotions and unconscious patterns (called sabotage programs) which "drive" us and determine our choices and behaviours. By identifying and releasing these subconscious blocks in the subtle energy system and hence addressing the original psychological disturbances, the body can finally release these old energetic patterns and beliefs resulting in profound and lasting energetic, behavioural  change and healthier thought patterns.


Healing Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD)

One in four Australians experience a severely traumatic event during some stage in their lives. Examples of traumatic experiences are: natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods, accidents or witnessing a terrible accident, bullying at home, school, work or social media, date rape,  sexual harrassment, domestic violence, childhood neglect (abandonment), sexual abuse, unexpected death of a partner or child, war (refugees and immigration), military assignment, dealing with a terminal illness to name but a few. There is "soft" trauma and "hard" trauma and many people who experienced a traumatic event don't seek appropriate help. Consequences of unresolved trauma can be anxiety, depression, phobias, addictions and extremely poor health.

How can we help the nervous system and the emotional body release the "cellular memory" of these unresolved traumas?

We use a very gentle and non-invasive process called "age recession". Your "innate intelligence directs the diffusion process and through biofeedback muscle testing the practitioner identifies the "causal time" (time of the original event) and supports the client to process this experience consciously whilst releasing any unresolved emotions such as terror, panic, helplessness, rage, shame, contempt, disgust or self loathing. It is not always necessary to remember the stressful incident and once the trauma memory has been successfully released from the amygdala (the part of the brain that stores our emotions including the fight and flight response),  the client can regain control, hope, a sense of optimism, confidence, clarity and self-empowerment to initiate positive change.


Emotional and Mental Resilience: Adapting to desired or undesired change

Every seven years we are completing a process of change on our journey of evolution. Sometimes we initiate this change (e.g. terminating a relationship, or marriage, moving to a new city or country) or the change is forced upon us (e.g. redundancy, unexpected death of a spouse/partner or child or dealing with an illness such as cancer or a debilitating auto-immune disease. Dealing with change is often a scary and unpredictable time in our lives when we feel intense fear, uncertainty, helplessness and other paralysing emotions.

Kinesiopractic can help you deal with your process of change and build up your mental and emotional resilience factor.


Neural Organisational Technique (N.O.T)

N.O.T is the integration of over 40 years experience in Chiropractic, Sacro-Occipital- technique, Cranio-Sacral Technique and Applied Kinesiology (AK). It works on the survival systems of the body by taking the body out of the "Fight and Flight" mode to restore energy to the digestive, reproductive, endocrine and immune system. It also corrects structural problems such as head injuries. A "Cranial Injury Complex" or C.I.C is an internal bleeding of the brain which can result from a blow to the head during sport or any other mundane activity (e.g. if you are hit by a soccer ball or an object). These internal "cranial lesions" won't show up on any MRI and it is of utmost importance to rebalance the cranial bones to ensure proper neurological function of all other body systems. A myriad of seemingly unrelated bizarre symptoms such as chronic pain, migraines, blurry vision, endocrine dysfunction, allergies and other health problems can have their cause in an unresolved cranial injury complex.

Other structural problems N.O.T can help with are:

- Temporo-mandibular joint problems (jaw pain)

- Shorter leg syndrome

- Poor immunity

- Digestive problems (hiatus hernia, ileo-cecal valve problems)

- Protein and carbohydrate food sensitivities and allergies 


Testimonial: Healing My Co-depedency: I can breathe again

"I never would have thought of myself as codependent but when I heard the definition and read the symptoms I realised it was true. Yes I have difficulty expressing my emotions, I have trust issues, I was unable to set healthy boundaries, I have a constant desire for approval from peers and family members, I even go so far as to over explain myself cause I want people to understand where I am coming from. It really upsets me if I don't. I most definitely fear conflict - I'd actually say it terrifies me. I do possess addictive and compulsive behaviours also.

The good news is there is help available and thanks to Katha and kinesiology I am well on the road to recovery. For me I don't feel like I could have undertaken this journey alone. The treatment and support I have received from Katha has been wonderful and I am very grateful for her expert help. Don't get me wrong, it has been hard work to change the behaviours of a life time but I was at a point in my life where I could not continue as I was. I am still working on this but have come a long way and for the first time in years I feel I can breathe, I no longer feel selfish for looking after myself and putting myself first. In my family life and chosen profession this was always expected. Now I realise I can not look out for others without being in tip top shape physically and emotionally myself. It is like they say during the safety briefing when you fly "Please put on your oxygen mask first before assisting others" - obviously we are not much help to anyone if we have passed out!

If any of this sounds familiar to you and you feel you need help I would highly recommend Katha Jones. She has years of clinical and life experience, is kind, caring and compassionate. She is perfect to help you navigate this journey and help you put your health and wellbeing on the road to recovery."

                                                                                                                                       Emanuelle, Sydney, 2018