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Why Study With Us?

Study Kinesiology in AlexandriaOur courses are accredited with both industry bodies, the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) and the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK).
  • Written by a Medical Doctor (Dr Bruce Dewe) & Pioneer in Applied Kinesiology/Kinesiopractic®
  • Researched and taught for over 28 years
  • Flexible study options (weekend course)
  • National and International Accreditation
  • Work & study part-time
  • Accelerated learning process with the most comprehensive program
  • 24/7 student aids and ongoing support by your mentor/clincial supervisor
  • 20 years of clinical experience & teaching in adult education - experienced trainers (in private practice)
  • Student centred learning in friendly and comfortable atmosphere
  • Ultramodern, sophisticated premises at Oran Park Podium Business Hub
  • Limited class sizes to ensure optimal support and fast progress
  • Student journals: directed self study to help you learn between classes
  • Interest free flexible payment plans
  • Fulfilling and Rewarding career and lifestyle
  • Austudy Approved
  • 24/7 unlimited access and online student forum on ICPKP website
  • Recognition Of Prior Learning (RPL): please ask us for details how you can reduce your course fee
  • Supervised student clinic
  • New Mentoring Program (face to face - online- Skype)

The PKP Difference

  • Study Kinesiology in SydneyInternational recognition of your ICPKP Diploma
  • A portable business: an ICPKP practitioner is free to practice in over 16 countries around the world
  • The PKP Difference: the PKP Protocol is truly unique with its  priority based finger-mode and database system developed by Dr & Mrs Dewe. There are over 300 healing modalities available to enhance the body's own innate healing capacity.
  • A PKP balance is a client centred journey, which assists the person to audit their current situation, stress, challenge or injury. The practitioner follows the PKP protocol™ working towards the desired outcome, but each session is a time of unique growth, insight and exploring new options and personal empowerment.